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Caravan Services and Habitation

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Caravan Services and Habitation

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Our habitation services are aimed at keeping your family safe

Caravan Services and Habitation (Motorhomes)

At JB Caravan and Trailer Services, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to servicing and repairing caravans, motorhomes, horse boxes and van conversions.

Having your caravan regularly serviced is not a luxury, it is a potentially life-saving action.

The living areas of caravans and motorhomes can become lethal toxic environments if you fail to get them expertly checked on a regular basis.

Our habitation services are aimed at keeping you and your family safe.

Remember, if you use your caravan or motorhome for any type of commercial gain, you need annual certification from a Gas Safe registered engineer who holds LPG qualifications.

Basic gas qualifications will not suffice. If you fail to check that your engineer is fully qualified for the job, you risk prosecution and being put out of business. You could even have an injured person (or worse) on your conscience for life.

JB Caravans Motorhome Repair Work

Caravan ServiceS

Our full caravan service includes:

  • All gas tests undertaken on all appliances
  • Full 12-volt and 240-volt inspection and tests
  • Full water system tests
  • Entire chassis inspected, greased and adjusted, including braking system
  • Full damp report

Gas faults, worn tyres, damaged chassis and faulty braking systems can all kill.

Undetected structural damage caused by hidden issues such as water ingress may also cause accidents. That should be reason enough to ensure your caravan is regularly serviced. However, if you do not take action you might also discover that your insurance policy is invalid.

We recommend a full service should be carried out annually, but can work with you and your budget for important safety checks to be completed.

JB Caravan and Trailer Services is known for its personal and friendly service. We genuinely care about the safety of caravanners and always make ourselves available for advice if needed.

We do not want to read more headlines about caravans overturning or trailers breaking away on our roads. Such incidents can be avoided by picking up the telephone and booking a service.

Switch your attention to the interior of the caravan and you will be presented with an equally alarming set of potentially lethal hazards. The dangers of gas and electrical appliances speak for themselves.

Fires and water heaters must be serviced/inspected regularly to prevent dangerous faults from occurring.

And do read the small print on your insurance documents as the validity of your policy will almost certainly hinge on having an annual service.
Equally with breakdown cover, you could be required to provide the necessary paperwork in the event of a claim. Many caravan owners might not be aware of this and have found out too late – to their cost.
Whilst all of this is alarming, rest easy because JB Caravan and Trailer Services can detect and solve any caravan or trailer-related problem. Everything is meticulously checked and tested for your peace of mind.

Our prices are considerably lower than those offered by dealer workshops – and we will come to you for no extra charge.

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RCD Testing JB Caravans Motorhome And Habitation Services Burntwood

let us keep you safe inside your caravan by ensuring everything is checked

Habitation Service

Our habitation service covers everything inside the living area of your caravan, motorhome or horse lorry. Remember this work, carried out by a Gas Safe engineer, is for your personal safety.

Van conversions, motorhomes and horse lorries cost up to £100,000 or more. Your life is far more valuable than that and it is critical to ensure your vehicle does not turn into a death trap.

All gas and electrical appliances are painstakingly inspected and tested, including cookers, refrigerators and water heaters. You will be informed of any essential work that needs to be done, along with the cost to put it right.

We strongly recommend tests should be carried out on an annual basis. Our work is fully insured, even for equine vehicles.

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Habitation vehicles used for hire or reward

Any habitation vehicle used for hire or reward purposes MUST be serviced – at least once a year – by an engineer who is Gas Safe registered for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

JB Caravan and Trailer Services offers annual gas certification for any vehicles which come under the hire and reward category. That includes all motorhome hire fleets and day vans used at events. We can also provide certification for all street food vendors – even those just serving coffee and tea under a gazebo.

Ignorance is no excuse in law – so make sure you are clued up, legal and safe. It takes one call to JB Caravan and Trailer Services to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Caravan Services and Habitation

Damp inspections

JB Caravan and Trailer Services also specialises in damp inspections.

We can advise on any issue revealed during a survey. This is another area to be aware of as water ingress, if ignored, can result in widespread damage costing thousands of pounds to repair.

We have seen motorhome owners suffer disastrous consequences which could have been avoided if an inspection had been undertaken earlier. It pays handsomely to act on any early signs of damp.

Forewarned is forearmed.
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